A brand new, revolutionary

plant cleanser

What is Pure Harvest

A brand new, revolutionary plant cleanser engineered for the unique needs of the cannabis and hemp industries.

Pure Harvest is not like other plant washes, which are often liquid, oil-based concentrates which can cause other problems such as stunted plant growth. Pure Harvest is instead packaged as a coarse powder, which, when dissolved into water, instantly begins visibly reacting into a high oxygen solution. It contains no oils and no harmful chemicals.

This solution is gentle on plants but tough on “the bad stuff.” It can be used at every stage of growth and has a wide dilution range to suit the needs of growers and end users.

Why Wash Cannabis?

Even the most extreme forms of prevention don’t always achieve the desired results.

You wouldn’t eat a tomato that hadn’t been washed. So why would you consume a bud that hasn’t been washed? Many people falsely assume that cannabis doesn’t need to be washed since it is more commonly smoked or vaped than eaten. The truth is that many compounds are either not broken down or are catalyzed into other compounds by heat.

Increasingly, states are requiring pesticide testing for cannabis. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, the testing does not account for every pesticide. It also doesn’t account for the general filth that can accumulate in sticky cannabis resin over the course of flowering. Bugs, dirt, residues, dust, spores, and other impurities are constantly moving through the air in most grow environments, agitated and spread by oscillating fans. To make matters worse, many of the strategies growers use to increase efficiency and yield exacerbate the problem. Spaces where CO2 displaces oxygen and air is re-circulated (i.e. grow rooms,) are breeding grounds for all manner of things you don’t want on your bud.

Even if you’re doing something to address these problems it might not be enough. Anyone who has used a UV light in their grow space or attempted to colonize their grow room with lady bugs knows that even the most extreme forms of prevention don’t always achieve the desired results.

In other words, sometimes an ounce of prevention does not equal a pound of cure. In these cases, Pure Harvest is your cure — and, it just so happens it’s stocked in one pound bags!

The Pure Harvest Solution

Pure Harvest's proprietary, cannabis-cleaning formula removes substances that can have significant impacts on plant and consumer health, including:

  • Organic and Pesticide Residues
  • Microbials
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Spider Mites
  • Dirt, Debris, and Animal Excrement
  • Dead Organic Material

How Pure Harvest Works

Pure Harvest uses a diverse system of mechanisms to address most of the cleansing and sanitizing problems growers in the cannabis and hemp industries encounter.


The most visibly obvious mechanism is oxygenation. As soon as Pure Harvest is added to water the user can see it catalyzing and reacting. This isn’t just for show. The intense levels of oxygen released vigorously agitate debris and impurities, penetrating even old layers of buildup. The high concentration of oxygen is both aggressive in its cleansing properties and gentle on plants. In fact, experienced growers know that plants can thrive when oxygen is tactically introduced.

pH Fluctuation

Another mechanism is through short term pH fluctuation. During oxygenation, Pure Harvest changes pH to break down the structure of impurities.

Advanced Surfactant

Finally, Pure Harvest contains an advanced surfactant to help it penetrate deeper into the dense foliar canopies found in grow rooms and greenhouses than other products. It helps Pure Harvest cover the entire surface of a leaf or bud. It also helps Pure Harvest burrow deep into a bud quickly and thoroughly when used as a post harvest wash.

Who is Pure Harvest For?

Pure Harvest can remove harmful substances and chemicals when applied by growers or users.


Pure Harvest can be used during every stage of growth, at harvest time, and even during the post-harvest process. Pure Harvest can remove residues and substances that can cause your bud to fail many types of analysis (the same residues and substances that can jeopardize the health of you or your customers!) Pure Harvest can also remove substances that have not been proven as dangerous — such as azadirachtin, one of the most commonly used pesticides on cannabis — but have a strong anecdotal correlation with negative health effects. It can remove dirt, debris, bug corpses and webbing, and dead organic material.


If the grower you buy from doesn’t wash their bud, then there’s gross stuff in it. You could be vaping bug parts, dust spread by an oscillating fan, or, most importantly, the pesticide residue left over from treatments. Pure Harvest can be used at home, on dried bud, to clean your stash. Because you don’t know where that bud has been.